Why is voltage so important?

Article #2 Why is voltage so important for us to live a pain free healthy lifestyle?

Why cells need Voltage

When talking about pain management and disease, I often refer to energy medicine as a modality to aid in the healing process. We require stored energy in the body for daily living. This energy comes through our water, food, nutrition, exercise and energy medicine. If we become ill or are in chronic pain, a lot of our body’s energy is directed toward our natural healing systems. Sometimes our bodies run out of run out of this energy and then we become chronically pain ridden or ill. The traditional means of treatment (drugs, medications etc.) plus many of the things that we eat and drink can rob us of voltage. However with the proper intake of alkaline water, good nutrition and energy medicine we can bring our bodies back into balance energetically, helping us live the pain free healthy lifestyle we've always wanted.

I have worked with advanced microcurrent modalities for many years and have experienced firsthand how remarkable this subtle energy helps to accelerate the healing process. I believe it is important for everyone to understand that our body is a battery and uses microcurrent energy in order to function. I am putting together a series of short articles to help you understand why voltage and electrons are so important for us to function.

Once again, I will be taking some excerpts out of a book entitled Healing is Voltage the handbook, authored by Dr. Jerry Tennant MD. In his book Dr. Tennant discusses energy medicine, the importance of alkaline water, pH of the body, nutrition etc. He explains, in a very easy to understand way, why all of these are necessary for us to be healthy and well. The following are excerpts from his book.

How do cells get voltage?

Brain imageThere are many ways the body is intended to get electrons. However our modern culture has tended to eliminate most of these sources.

The earth is a large electro magnet. If you take the electrodes of a voltmeter and stick them into the dirt, you will measure voltage. An area of high voltage always causes electrons to flow to an area of low voltage. If your body has lower voltage than the earth, walking barefoot on the dirt or grass will cause the electrons to flow from the earth into your body, recharging you. However if you walk with shoes, this cannot occur.

Water from the ground contains electrons. We call this alkaline water. However when we add chlorine and fluoride into the water in turns into an electron stealer. Thus every time we drink such water, it steals electron from us. The water we should be drinking should contain electrons and be clean and free of toxins. Again you can test your water to see if it is an electron donor or electron stealer by simply placing the electrodes of the voltmeter into the water. If the voltmeter shows a minus voltage the water is an electron donor. If the voltmeter shows plus voltage, the water is an electron stealer.

If you stick a voltmeter into a raw potato, you will measure voltage. However if you bake a potato or freeze the potato and then insert the voltmeter most of the voltage will be gone. Unprocessed food contains voltage. Once we process the food, most of the voltage disappears. We are designed to eat unprocessed food so that it brings its own electrons with it. When you eat food that has been processed, your body must provide electrons from other sources to digest it. You can actual tell the quality of food such as vegetables by simply using a voltmeter to compare voltage in one product versus another.

Remember that voltage always moves from an area of higher voltage to an area of lower voltage. When my wife and I hug each other, there is obviously an emotional element. However there is also an issue of pure physics. The one of us with the lower voltage will get a donation of electrons from the other one. As we continue to hug, soon we will be the same voltage.

The process continues when 2 living things touch. For example if I hold a dog or cat and I am a lower voltage than the dog or the cat, the animal will donate elections to me. Then it will run outside recharge itself and bring me some more voltage. If I lead against a tree the tree will donate voltage to me.

Swimming in the ocean-an example of an electron donorMoving water is always an electron donor. Still water is an electron stealer. Thus taking a shower will energize me whereas taking a bath will make me tired. Swimming in the ocean will give you electrons, but swimming in a chlorinated pool will steal voltage from you.

Moving air is an electron stealer. Thus people often feel tired if they sleep under a fan. Riding a convertible is great fun, but you are always tired when you get to your destination.

If you take a voltmeter that measures in millivolts and hold it in the air inside your home, you will measure a small amount of voltage. Now take it outside. You will find there is much more voltage out in the sun.

If you take a quartz crystal and squeeze it with a pair of pliers, it will emit electrons. This is called the piezoelectric effect. Our muscles are piezoelectric crystals. Then when we exercise, our muscles create electrons. The muscles are also rechargeable batteries. Thus the movement of our muscles re-charges our muscle batteries. Exercise is a major way the body acquires electrons.

Neck back There is a pump within the skull and down the spine called the craniosacral pump. Each time this pump activates, it sends a surge of electrons through the body.

Thus you can see that the human was designed to get voltage primarily the way our grandparents got it. They worked out in the sun, drank water from the well, ate unprocessed foods, weren’t afraid to touch the earth with their hands or feet, hugged their family, leaned against a tree or stood in moving water while they were fishing, and weren’t afraid to stand in the rain.

Common ways electrons are taken from the human body

  1. Acidic water (tap water, chlorinated water, fluoride, most boiled water.
  2. Carbonated beverages
  3. Caffeinated beverages (pop, coffee, tea)
  4. Alcoholic beverages
  5. Cooked foods
  6. Processed foods
  7. Healers/doctors who touch their patients lose electrons to patient
  8. Hugs: transfer electrons from one person to another
  9. Parent holding sick child: child gets well quicker and parent left tired
  10. Moving air: wind, air conditioning, fans, convertibles and hair dryers

To be continued...

I hope this helps you better understand the many ways we receive electrons naturally and how what we consume can rob us of this vital energy. In our next article, we will discuss why voltage is so essential to healing and how the body makes this happen. If you can’t wait and want to read Dr Tennant’s entire book you can purchase “Healing is Voltage” the handbook by Dr. Jerry Tennant MD. 

Yours in good health!

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