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Authorized Canadian representative for Tennant Biomodulator® and related products

Microcurrent specialists for pain management and anti-aging

Biohealth Energy Systems Ltd. has established a solid reputation in marketing and training for the Electro Acuscope® and Myopulse® since 1988. We are committed to providing all of our clients with unparalleled training and after sale support.

Bob Moore President BiohealthWith expertise in "energetic medicine" manual therapy for pain management and anti-aging, Bob Moore, President of Biohealth has worked with private individuals and trained therapists in alternating current (AC) microcurrent therapy in all disciplines across Canada, United States, England, Middle East, Caribbean and Latin America. Visit to learn more.

In 2011 Biohealth began to search for a smaller hand held pain management device that could be used effectively in the homecare market. We were introduced to the Tennant Biomodulator® and very quickly found it to be effective for pain control and now proudly represent it as the exclusive distributor for Canada. The Biomodulator® is also an alternating current (AC) microcurrent device with biofeedback capabilites that complements the Acuscope/Myopulse and fit nicely into our existing energy medicine product line.

Since our introduction to the Tennant Biomodulator® in 2012, we have worked extensively with Dr. Jerry Tennant and are committed to passing forward his approach and teachings about Healing is Voltage, how the body is wired and how to make it work with energy medicine and nutrition. The results speak for themselves as we have many satisfied clients who have reduced their pain and improved their health right at home.

If you want to take control of your pain or improve your health, browse through our site to see if the Tennant Biomodulator® is for you. Be sure to watch our video trsources and visit our Client Testimonial page to see what our clients are saying.

For pricing, click Request a quote at the top. If you would like additional technichal information or to speak with a product specialist, call us at 416 565-0007 click Contact Biohealth for immediate assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.

To your good health!

Be Pain Free and Play Your Game!

Bob Moore - CSIA Level 3, CADS Level 3 - Member CSIA

Bob Moore is a CSIA Level 3 Certified Ski Instructor, Level 3 CADS
& member of the Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance

30 years experience in microcurrent therapy training pain management disciplines worldwide

Call product specialist, Bob Moore for immediate assistance or Contact Biohealth to find out how we can design a custom package to meet your exact requirements. 

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best energy medicine devices available - to empower them take control of their pain and health and to to pass it forward!

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