Who uses the Tennant Biomodulator?

Why Doctors prescribe the Tennant Biomodulator® for pain management

  •   Provides deep stimulation addressing many common pain conditions
  •   Treatments are non-invasive, non-pharmacological
  •   Treatment is convenient and can be used at home to increase frequency of therapy received
  •   Patients feel empowered to improve their condition
  •   We provide follow-up technical support and training
  •   The patient may treat many conditions in many body areas per the Doctor's direction and prescription

Healthcare Providers

Many disciplines of healthcare providers are integrating non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive Tennant Biomodulator® technology into their practice to treat different types of pain and chronic conditions with excellent outcomes. They include -

Pain control with the Tennant Biomodulator

  •   Medical Doctors / Neurologists, Ophthalmologists
  •   Orthopaedic surgeons, Physiatrists
  •   Naturopathic & Homeopathic Doctors
  •   Orthopedists, Neurosurgeons
  •   Biological Dentists, Orthodontists
  •   Chiropractors, Physical Therapists
  •   Veterinarians, animal therapists
  •   Massage Therapists. Occupational Therapists
  •   Acupuncturists, Lymphatic Therapists
  •   Athletic therapists, Strength Coaches, Sports Teams
  •   Nurses, TCM practitioners

Ideal Pain Treatment for

Pain therapy with the Tennant Biomodulator

  •   Chronic injuries and myofascial trigger points
  •   Acute sprains, strains, sports injuries
  •   Low back pain, neck pain, TMJ facial pain, headaches/migraines,
  •   Repetitive stress intractable pain patterns
  •   joint pain, muscle re-education
  •   Pain associated with neuropathy from diabetes & other chronic illnesses
  •   Sleep/stress management, autonomic rebalancing
  •   Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)
  •   Bioterminal energy & Chakra balancing for improved organ function
  •   Equines small animal therapy


  •   Relief and management of chronic, intractable pain
  •   Gentle, easy to use, drug-free and non-invasive therapy, empowering you to take control!
  •   Positive therapeutic outcomes may appear after the 1st. session, each treatment is accumulative providing           progressive improvement of general condition.
  •   May be used together with a standard drug or surgical treatment (adjunctive therapy)
  •   Complements and enhances Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation therapy services
  •   Helps decrease use of expensive pain medications.
  •   Can help resolve several conditions at the same time for each member of the family
  •   Treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain
  •   Decreases pain, increases range of motion, activity and promotes return to work

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Tennant Biomodulator® PLUS & PRO

Tennant Biomodulator PLUS and PRO For further information or a quote, click Request a Quote at the top. Call Bob Moore at 416 565-0007 or click Contact Biohealth for immediate assistance.

Health Canada approved as a microcurrent, biofeedback device for muscle training and re-education, electrical nerve stimulation, improved circulation, improved range of motion and management of chronic intractable pain, acute trauma as well as reduction of post-surgical swelling and pain.

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Approved Medical Device by Health Canada ID 578614 & FDA Classification: 882.5050 Neurology, Biofeedback

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FDA ApprovedCE

30 years experience in microcurrent therapy training pain management disciplines worldwide

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Our mission is to provide our clients with the best energy medicine devices available - to empower them take control of their pain and health and to to pass it forward!

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