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Tennant Tips for Better Health!

Here's what Dr. Tennant says about the journey to better health!Dr. Jerry TennantTennant Biomodulator

Making New Cells

Voltage - you get voltage from Eating Unprocessed Food, Sunshine, Exercise,   Biomodulator, Fulvic Acid, etc.

Protein - to digest the protein you need Iodine, Zinc, Vitamin B1, and Sea Salt


  • Fats - to digest fat you need Bile
  • Thyroid - to have your thyroid work you need to avoid Fluoride and you need to have - Iodine, Zinc, Iron, Selenium, Progesterone, Cortisol, and Glutathione, Vitamin A
  • Fulvic Acid - in a product called Raw Materials
  • Vitamins and Minerals - Vitamin C, D3, B12 with Folic, Boron, Sea Salt with Raw Materials
  • Water - Alkaline Water gives you voltage - Acidic Water takes away your voltage 

Toxins - Interfere with Making New Cells 

  • Liver - needs good fats to function like Coconut Oil, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Bad Fats - any partly hydrogenated oils are bad - Soybean, Canola, Vegetable, Corn, Safflower, Cottonseed, Grapeseed are all unhealthy oils
  • MSG, Aspartame, Fluoride, Soy - Are all Neurotoxins (there are many more, but these are the ones you can come in contact with every day)
  • Dental Infections - create Gliotoxins, which are very harmful and one of the main reasons we don't have enough voltage.  This includes Root Canals, Crowns, and Amalgam Fillings that are infected by decay 

Removing Body Toxins

  • Fulvic Acid Raw Materials - help chelate many types of toxis, including heavy metals
  • Pure alkaline water helps to detox the whole body
  • Coconut oil - helps to cleanse the liver
  • Probiotics - help the large intestine kill infections including Candida
  • MMS - helps rid infections, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, yeast, and fungi, in the body

Essential Oils Help the Cells Communicate

  • Essential oils carry frequencies
  • Frequencies are needed for cells to communicate

We can be missing an important frequency that is needed, just like we can be missing an important mineral or vitamin. So essentials oils could be that missing piece to the puzzle that is needed to achieve better health.

More Tennant Tips for better health to come!


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