Dr. Tennant Video Presentation

Dr. Jerry Tennant MD. Natural Wellness Expo presentation Tyler Texas 

In previous articles, I introduced Dr. Jerry Tennant and have quoted some excerpts from his book Healing is Voltage on how the body functions effectively with proper pH, nutrition and energy medicine. 

The Biomodulator was developed by Dr. Jerry Tennant MD., to help him restore his own good health after he nearly succumbed to a life threatening neurological disorder caused by a virus that was ingested through his mask during surgery.   

Visit our Videos page to watch Dr. Tennant’s presentation at the Natural Wellness Expo in Texas. His presentation will give you a refreshing perspective on how the body works energetically and how we can reduce pain and improve our health at home or in the office. Dr. Tennant is a featured guest on Coast to Coast radio. We hope you enjoy these.

 Yours in good health! 

30 years experience in microcurrent therapy training pain management disciplines worldwide

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