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Structural changes after Biomodulator® Microcurrent treatment Jarrah Aki Tubaikh MD

Dr. Tennant has always taught us to balance the autonomic nervous system by treating both sides of the neck, commonly called the Bowling Ball treatment. This simple procedure helps align the sphenoid bone in the scull and can have a very positive outcome on anyone who suffers from pain.

NOW we have an excellent paper to share with you as to why the bowling ball treatment has such profound effects on the autonomic nervous system and how it balances our body's structure (shoulders, back and pelvis) under our skull.

Neck back resizeJarrah Ali Al-Tubaikh, MD specializes in radiological diagnostics of rare disorders.  He is a member of the German Board of Radiology and currently works in the Radiology Department, Sabah Hospital, Kuwait City, Kuwait.
As a radiologist, Dr. Al-Tubaikh assesses many patients who are referred to him to determine if the source of their pain can be identified by X-ray. A certain subset of those patients have been described to Dr. Al-Tubaikh as hopeless cases.  Physicians have run out of options available through the healthcare system.
Since learning of the Tennant Biomodulator® microcurrent device for drug free, non-invasive pain relief, Dr. Al-Tubaikh has used it with patients and co-workers at his hospital as well as with friends, all of whom suffer with severe unresolved pain symptoms. In two cases, he used the device with patients specifically referred to him because of severe back pain, as word of the miracle treatment spread. In each case, Dr. Tubaikh said he takes images before and after treatment to document changes that have taken place after Tennant Biomodulator® treatment. “It is hard to argue against radiological images because the evidence is clear; it is not placebo anymore.”

To read more about this radiological study visit Structural changes after Biomodulator® microcurrent treatment

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