Voltage and oxygen for good health!

Article #3 

The importance of voltage and its relationship to oxygen uptake in the body to maintain good health


I hope you are enjoying these articles on the modality of energy medicine and why voltage is so important to our existence and how microcurrent can help us achieve these proper voltages.

In this article, I will continue to discuss voltage and its relationship to oxygen uptake in the body. I cannot stress enough, the importance of water, especially alkaline water, to help maintain good health. Water is one of the ways that allow our bodies store voltage and with it comes oxygen. Whenever you go to receive a treatment from your natural healthcare provider, it is important to drink lots of water to help you receive and store energy. This is very important for us to absorb and maintain the proper voltages when treated with microcurrent devices like the Tennant Biomodulator®. Here’s what Dr. Tennant says about the consequences of dropping voltages in the body from his book Healing is Voltage

“There are several bad things that happen when voltage drops. The obvious one is that the organs simply don’t have enough horsepower to do their jobs. Another is that they don’t have the energy to get rid of toxic waste and it begins to accumulate.

Remember that at -50mV there is a pulsing pain. When you have low voltage it simply hurts all the time. The pain is simply a symptom of abnormal voltage. You correct it by increasing the voltage.

If you put a tube into a glass of water and begin bubbling oxygen into the water, the mount of oxygen that will dissolve into the water is dictated by the voltage of the water. As voltage is raised, more oxygen will dissolve in the water. However as voltage drops, oxygen comes out of solution and leaves the water.

Our cells are 70% water. Thus as voltage begins to drop in ourselves, oxygen leave the cells. This has serious consequences.

Our cells contain a process for turning fatty acids into glucose. They are processed through a series of chemical reactions called the Krebs cycle. The end result is a rechargeable battery called ATP, as ATP provides electrons to keep the cell functioning, it becomes a discharged, rechargeable battery called ADP.

When oxygen is available, for every unit of fatty acids that run through the Krebs cycle, we create 38 molecules of ATP. However if oxygen is unavailable, only 2 molecules of ATP are created for every unit of fatty acid. Thus as voltage drops, and oxygen levels drop, our metabolism goes from “38 miles per gallon to 2 miles per gallon.” Thus it is very difficult for cells to have enough energy to function with such inefficient metabolism.

Another problem of decreased oxygen is infections. Our bodies contain perhaps one trillion microorganisms. However most of these are inactive as long as oxygen is present. However when oxygen levels drop, these bugs wake up. The first thing they want to do is have lunch and they want to have you for lunch.

Since these bugs don’t have teeth, they must put out digestive enzymes to dissolve you so they can acquire the nutrients from the cells.

One of the problems has to do with these digestive enzymes. Let’s assume you have a Streptococcus bacteria having lunch on your tonsil. You of course recognize this as a sore painful throat. We all know however that the digestive enzymes produced by these Streptococcus bacteria can enter our bloodstream and cause damage to our heart valves. They can also damage your joints. The same process can happen anywhere in your body. Let’s assume you have a low voltage in your gallbladder. This means that your gallbladder will hurt, have decreased oxygen, and inefficient metabolism, and have bugs having lunch on the gallbladder. The toxins produced by these bugs can enter the bloodstream and cause brain damage. You may have infections in your large intestine, in your sinuses, or other places causing damage, an autoimmune problem. However, it is simply bugs having lunch because your voltage and thus your oxygen levels are low.

I have seen a number of patients with a diagnosis of lupus. A blood test called the ANA test is used to make the diagnosis of lupus. If you correct the voltage in such patients, their symptoms go away and their ANA test goes back to normal,

As voltage continues to drop, it will go from an electron donor to an electron stealer status. This is known as change in polarityWhen voltage drops to +30mV, you have cancer.

Brain imageIt is generally taught in Western medicine that the blood is sterile. This is because placing blood in a Petri dish does not normally show growth. Generally speaking, only bacteria that have cell membranes reproduce in the Petri dishes. However, if you look at the blood under a high-powered microscope, without the blood stains and other chemicals you will easily identify many microorganisms. These microorganisms do not have cell membranes. As voltage and oxygen levels drop, as the toxins build up in the system, you will see these organisms change from spherical to rod-shaped to yeast like and finally fungus with hyphae.

The association of finding fungal like forms in the blood with the development of tumors was reported as long ago as 1840 and has continued to be reported ever since. Although the existence of these forms has generally been denied by most microbiologists and oncologists, the development of the German microscope known as Ergonom, makes these denials no longer credible. This microscope is capable of 15,000 to 40,000 power and allows one to see even viruses in their live state.”

Now that we better understand the relationship of voltage to oxygen in the body, stay tuned for my next article in which I will share with you the many ways our body’s cells store electrons/voltage. If you would like to read further into Dr. Jerry Tennant's book Healing is Voltage.

Yours in good health!

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