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Ever heard of “fight or flight” syndrome or PTSD? It is a common condition where the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) due to our own life experiences can push us into sympathetic- on/parasympathetic-off. If you are in this stressed mode you're probably experiencing several of these health issues: don’t sleep well, have poor digestion, mood swings, sensitive to loud noises, headaches, jaw pain, low back/hip pain etc. In a chronic state this syndrome puts the body into a twisted profile so our non-dominant side will usually face the danger in the “enguard” position whereby the flexors are engaged and extensors are suppressed. Does this sound familiar?

In his books Healing is Voltage-the handbook and Cancer’s On/Off Switches Polarity (Amazon), Dr. Tennant discusses Sympathetic twist at great length and why it is important to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system in order to control pain and improve health.

All of our muscles are portable battery packs that need recharging. They charge when they contract and relax. When one is in sympathetic on, the muscles do neither and begin to lose their ability to keep the voltages up in out organ systems,  which can eventually can lead to chronic pain and health issues. Dr Tennant calls this the Bowling Ball syndrome because the head is approximately with weight of a bowling ball. If we are in sympathetic on (enguard posture), the head will be tipped to one side, the shoulders and hips tilted as well. Our body is meant to be balanced under our head, if it is not there will be a constant tension throughout the body to compensate for this imbalance. So how do we correct this sympathetic twist/bowling ball syndrome?

Dr. Tennant uses the analogy of how the piece of stone that is inserted in the top of an arch is called the keystone. Because of its shape, the keystone allows the arch to stay standing by causing the blocks in the arch to push against each other. The sphenoid bone, is the keystone for our scull. The position of the sphenoid is important because it dictates the position of all of the other bones in the scull. This can move the center of gravity of the head resulting in the body’s shift into sympathetic twist with compensatory changes down the spine, hips and legs. The brain and sacrum are connected by the Dura and forms a closed hydraulic system called the Cranio Sacral pump. Correcting the position of the sphenoid is important as it opens up this pump. This is widely known as Cranio Sacral therapy (Becker/Upledger)

So how can we reset the sphenoid and ANS? There are several manual ways to do this, but one simple procedure was to stimulate a point on each side of the neck between the sternocleidomastoid (SCM) and trapezius muscles half way between the ear lobe and shoulder. That point accesses the deep cranial nerve that controls the parasympathetic nervous system. This therapy with the Biomodulator also puts voltage into the trapezius muscle which was thought to cause it to contact and rotate the occipital bone to help to correct the sphenoid.

Dr. Tennant studied this further and found the easiest and most efficient way to reset the ANS, was to treat the bilateral occipital points. These 2 points access the gall bladder circuit responsible for emotions and digestion as well as the insertion of the SCM. He found this procedure to be as effective as treating the neck as it put voltage into the cranial nerve as well . He then finishes by treating the main conduit down our spine called the governing vessel meridian. Treating the para-spinal back muscles puts voltage into autonomic ganglia that is wired to each of our organs.

With this correction, clients usually notice immediate changes in the tipping of the head. Shoulders and hips will correct in 12-24 hours. Once you are in parasympathetic-on the body’s flexors relax and extensors engage. Sleep, digestion improve and general body pain is reduced. Now one can continue treat each of the lingering pain and/or health issues with the Biomodulator technology.

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