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In my previous article I said that I would share with you how voltage or the microcurrents are measured in the organs and body tissue. Before I do that, I want to help you understand what microcurrent is and why the Tennant Biomodulator®, Acuscope® and Myopulse® have the ability, with proprietary software, to measure this voltage and to provide electrons to treat/balance the tissue and cells accordingly.

Relief from pain and the restoration of correct muscle function are two of the most important areas of research in medicine today. For centuries various forms of analgesic drugs were the only means by which pain could be controlled.

Recent decades have witnessed a dramatic progress in pain research. Advanced insights into the neuro-physiological basis of pain have led to new conceptual aspects of pain perception. Even more important, these discoveries have paved the way for the development of new techniques and pain alleviation methods.

Biomedical Design Instruments was the first designer and manufacturer of biofeedback controlled alternating current microcurrent devices back in 1974 called Electro Acuscope® and Electro Myopulse®. Since then they have developed a wide variety, non-invasive, high quality, innovative neuro and muscle stimulating devices including EEG and EMG instruments that monitor bio-conductance of the tissue.

Continuous research and development has resulted in amazing breakthroughs in design and effectiveness. The development of more recent MENS devices like the Tennant Biomodulator® a Reactions Technology alternating current (AC) microcurrent device, have made it possible to offer homecare patients relief from pain. Soft tissue/muscle issues and organ dysfunction beyond what was previously possible because of the advances in software programming and advances in microcurrent technology.

Pain, inflammation and muscle spasms often result when muscles, ligaments or tendons are injured. The circulation in the injured areas is compromised and there is an accumulation of lactic acid and other waste products in the tissues. This slows the healing process.

Low back painReactions Technology microcurrent devices like the Tennant Biomodulator®, Acuscope® and Myopulse® simultaneously measure and balance the abnormal electrical resistance in injured tissue or organ system. The electrical conductance of the injured tissue is examined and compared to pre-programmed parameters for healthy tissue. When electrical conductance is outside the normal, healthy range, these microcurrent devices have the ability to change the wave form, frequency, intensity and polarity to restore the tissue integrity to promote healing.

There is little or no sensation because the microcurrent is similar to the energy that passes through our acupuncture wiring system. Microcurrent is one-millionth the strength of household current. They are compatible with the body’s bioelectrical communication system and support the self-healing feedback mechanism already present at the cellular level. The effects of microcurrent on the healing process have been documented in the scientific literature for many years.

When this energy is introduced into the cells, circulation, lymphatic drainage, waste product removal, cellular metabolism improve. The flow of other forms of biological energy similar to chi or vital force is accelerated. Acidic waste products are flushed from the tissues and the body’s healing powers are accentuated resulting in an accelerated healing response at the cellular level, leading to reduction of pain, improved function and better health.

Tennant Biomodulator and sports injuriesSince its success in treating injuries at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, the Acuscope® and Myopulse® are currently being used by professional athletic teams, sports medicine practices, hospitals, and by thousands of private physicians and therapists in every field of medicine including veterinary medicine. Throughout the past 7 years, the Tennant Biomodulator® has had similar success in all of these disciplines as well. The size and effectiveness of the Biomodulator has made it possible to for people control and/or eliminate their pain at home without pharmaceuticals, thanks to the advancements in microcurrent therapy.

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