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With excerpts from the book Healing is Voltage-The Handbook by Jerry Tennant MD.

To begin this article, I would like to give you a brief introduction to Dr. Jerry Tennant, his background and journey from chronic disease to good health. I will continue to quote excerpts from his book as he explains how voltage relates to pH and why pH is very important to the health of ALL living creatures.

Who is Dr Jerry Tennant and why did he write Healing is Voltage?

Dr Jerry Tennant

Dr. Tennant is board certified in ophthalmology and ophthalmic plastic surgery (residency, Harvard Medical School & Southwestern Medical school) He was the director of ophthalmic plastic surgery clinic at Parkland Hospital and practiced from 1965 to 1995. He did much of the FDA study for the VISX Excimer laser and he performed approximately 1000 surgeries in the United States and Europe. He was the founder/director of the Dallas Eye Institute and was one of the first surgeons in the US to place intraocular lenses in eyes after cataract surgery. He taught these techniques around the world. He holds patents for medical devices including intraocular lenses and several surgical instruments.

He is licensed in Arizona by the Board of Homeopathic and Alternative Medicine and is currently the Director of the Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine.

When performing laser therapy, it wasn’t known at the time that laser did not kill viruses. The laser would strike the cornea, release viruses, and they were ingested through his mask, into his nose and into his brain. As a result he developed encephalitis neuropathies, a low platelet count and other nervous system defects in 1994. As a result, he had to quit practice and work as a surgeon a year later.

For almost 7 years, he slept for about 16 hours a day because he had a viral infection in his brain and spleen. There is a photo in his book (pg.13) that depicts his 2 dogs, one lying on his head and the other lay close to his abdomen as they seemed to know where his voltage was low and they were his electron donors.

The traditional medical system had failed him to this point so Dr. Tennant took control of his own health and wellness, by seeking out natural and alternative ways to get better. As a result of his research for alternatives to regain his health, he developed the Tennant Biomodulator® for his energetic medicine as well as other natural modalities to re-balance his body. He now shares ALL of his findings in his book Healing is Voltage and treats patient in his integrative healthcare clinic in Irving Texas. 

Dr.Tennant is recognized as one of the top 25 Doctors in the USA. Dr. Mercola (NY Times bestselling author) recognizes this and features Dr. Tennant in his article How Body Voltage Dictates Health and Disease. To read this article and watch this interview with Dr. Tennant CLICK HERE

In a past article we discussed energy medicine and voltages in the body. Not everyone has a voltmeter available to measure these small amounts of voltage. An easier way to measure voltage in the body is with a pH meter. This article will review chapter 3 in his book where he discusses pH and how it relates to cellular voltage and healing. Here is your introduction to voltage and pH 101.

Importance of voltage & pH for good health - chapter 3


Healing is Voltage, the handbook You will recall that I began my journey toward getting well by recognizing that cells are designed to run between a pH of 7.35 and 7.45. I also began my journey with the idea that if I could figure out how to make one cell work, I could make them all work.

We doctors are trained to pay particular attention to things that are abnormally high. For example we watch carefully for high blood sugar (diabetes), however, we rarely think about hypoglycemia unless a patient is dizzy or faint. We watch carefully for a high temperature including fever, but we are not trained that a low temperature indicated hypothyroidism. We watch carefully for high blood pressure and are insensitive to the fact that low blood pressure due to over-exuberant prescription of medications is causing our patients to be dizzy. We rarely look at pH levels or oxygen levels unless the patient is in intensive care.

I want to focus on the importance of pH. When I was trying to figure out how to get well, I couldn’t remember a lot about pH. I remembered that it was something about acid/base balance but I knew very little more than that. So I began to read about pH. What I discovered is that pH (shorthand for potential hydrogen) is really the measurement of voltage. (see article #1)

When electrons are running through a conductor like a copper wire, they are there or not. If the switch is on, you have an electron donor. If the switch is off, there are no electrons.

However, a solution provides a different situation. The solution may be an electron donor or an electron stealer. One measures the voltage of a solution with a sophisticated voltmeter. By convention, if the solution is an electron donor, one puts a minus (-) sign in front of the voltage. If, however, the solution is an electron stealer, one put a plus (+) in front of the voltage. For example, if your pH voltmeter measures +150 millivolts, that means the solution is an electron stealer with 150 millivolts of stealing power. If your pH voltmeter measures -200 millivolts, it means that the solution is an electron donor with 200 millivolts of donating power.

After measuring the voltage of a solution, one can convert that into a logarithmic scale called pH. A voltage of +400 mV is the same as a pH of zero. A voltage of -400 mV is the same as a pH of 14. A solution that is neither an electron donor nor an electron stealer is called a pH of seven.

pH scale vs. voltage

Voltage+400 mV  0 mV -400 mV

With this understanding, one can see that a pH of 7.35 is the same as a voltage of -20 mV. A pH of 7.45 is the same as a voltage of -25 mV. Thus we see that all cellular biology texts tell us that cells are designed to run between -20 and -25 millivolts of electron donor status!

The following chart begins to help us understand the difference between electron donors and electron stealers as it relates to the human body.

Electron Stealer +

  • Causes damage
  • pH 0 - 6.9
  • Free radical
  • Positive pole
  • Destructive
  • Spins left

Electron Donor -

  • Can do work
  • pH 7.1 – 14
  • Antioxidant
  • Negative pole
  • Constructive
  • Spins right


Electron stealers cause damage, are a pH of 0 to 6.9, are acidic, are free radicals, are the positive pole, are destructive and at the atomic level spin left.

You will hear statements like "all disease occurs when you are acidic”. What this is really saying is that all disease occurs when your voltage is low or in an electron stealer state. The phrase “alkalize or die” means is that you must have electrons available to do work or your cells will die.

free radical is a molecule that is missing electrons. It is like a mugger looking for someone’s purse to steal. When a free radical steals electrons from the cell, it damages the cell.

An antioxidant is a molecule capable of giving away electrons. Thus, when your mother says “ eat your vegetables “ she is saying that the vegetables contain electrons that are good for you.

We maintain our health and heal primarily by making new cells. To make new cells requires a voltage of -50 mV

  • Cell Voltage
  • -50
  • -45
  • -40
  • -35
  • -30
  • -25
  • -20
  • -15
  • -10
  • -5
  • 0
  • +5
  • +10
  • +20
  • +30
  • Cell pH
  • 7.88 Make new cells
  • 7.79
  • 7.70
  • 7.61 Normal for kids
  • 7.53
  • 7.44 Normal for adults
  • 7.35
  • 7.26 Tired
  • 7.18 Sick
  • 7.09
  • 7.0 Change polarity
  • 6.91
  • 6.83
  • 6.65
  • 6.48 Cancer occurs

Salivary and urinary pH are about 0.8 pH units less than cell pH. Salivary pH is a rough indicator of cellular voltage. Urinary pH is a rough indicator of the voltage I the fluids around cells. When normal, both should be 6.5. If you add 0.8 to 6.5 you get a pH of 7.3. This equates to -20 millivolts.

Now let’s consider my thumb. My thumb is running at a voltage of -25 mV. It is pink, feels fine and works well. Now I hit it with a hammer. The thumb turns red, swollen, is hot and has a pulsing pain. It has automatically gone to -50 mV. This is necessary to make new cells needed to replace the ones I damaged with a hammer. At -50 mV, blood vessels dilate and dump raw materials such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats vitamins, minerals, etc. into the neighborhood. I need these raw materials to build new cells. I also need -50 mV to have the energy to turn these raw materials into new cells.

Thumb damage

As soon as I finish making enough cells to replace those I damaged with the hammer, my thumb goes back to -25 mV. It is normal and I am happy.

Now let’s assume that I ran out of voltage before I was able to make enough new cells to replace those that I injured with a hammer. My voltage dropped to -10 mV. Now I am stuck in chronic disease. I cannot heal unless I can make new cells. I cannot make new cells unless I have -50 mV and all the raw materials I need to make new cells. In chronic disease, my thumb huts all the time, it is white and doesn’t work very well.

Thus we see that chronic disease is always defined as having low voltage. One cannot cure chronic disease without inserting enough electrons to achieve -50 mV. One must also have the raw materials necessary to make new cells and to eliminate the toxins or infections present that will damage the new cells. One can take all the medications you like and do as much surgery as you like, but you will not heal unless you have -50 mV, raw materials and lack of toxins.

Without the ability to achieve -50 mV and the necessary raw materials to make new cells, you cannot maintain your health and you suffer aging and chronic disease. You are also unable to repair injuries that can also lead to chronic disease. You don’t need drugs to heal. You need to make new cells that work to heal. To make good cells you need voltage and a good diet. You also need to remove toxins from your body that damage cells and make you obese.

Once one begins to understand that chronic disease and healing are controlled by voltage, one must ask the following questions:

  1. How do cells normally get voltage? (see article #2)
  2. How do cells store voltage? (coming soon)
  3. Why did my voltage drop to allow me to get sick? (see article #2)
  4. How do I measure voltage of organs? (coming soon)
  5. What do I do when I find the voltage is low? (coming soon)

These and other questions will be answered in upcoming articles…stay tuned. Yours in good health!

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