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Training is an important part of our customer experience. A two day Integrative Healthcare Conference and Biomodulator training workshop is included when you purchase a Tennant Biomodulator device. Our clinical training facility will let you experience, firsthand, the remarkable Tennant Biomodulator, accessories and other equipment used by your trainer, Dr. Jerry Tennant MD., in his medical practice. The Biomodulator was developed by Dr. Tennant, to help him restore his own good health after he succumbed to a life threatening neurological disorder caused by a virus, that was ingested through his mask during surgery. Here are 2 video links of Dr. Tennant’s presentation at the Natural Wellness Expo 2010 in Texas. Part 1 and Part 2 of his presentation will give you a refreshing perspective on how the body works energetically and how we can reduce pain and improve our health at home or in the office. Here is a segment from Healing Quest TV, featuring Dr. Jerry Tennant. Dr. Tennant is a regular guest on coast to coast radio.

     Bob Moore                                      

Bob Moore, President/Owner of Biohealth Energy Systems Ltd, has been involved in the pain management/rehabilitation field for over 25 years. As a microcurrent specialist, he has trained countless pain management providers, manual therapists and private users on the use of alternating current "biofeedback" controlled microcurrent devices. He also provides private online Skype training included with every purchase of the Tennant Biomodulator. Further information regarding Bob's background and training expertise can be found on my Natural Health Community website or

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